Running late again…

It’s Autumn in Brisbane

Hello!  So sorry this post is late. I said Tuesday and it is already Thursday.

I have finished one of the cotton mittens for my cousin’s baby (I still have to seam it). I really like the pattern and look forward to knitting the second one.  Here are the details:

‘Stripy mittens’ pattern in Kate Gunn and Robyn Macdonald’s, Cool knits for kids (full details below).

Although the stripes in the original pattern are really cute, I chose to knit the mittens in a solid blue (colour 602) using Heirloom 4 ply cotton, and I also knit the ribbed cuff using 2.75 mm needles, changing back to 3 mm for the rest of the pattern.

Next week, I plan to show the finished mittens and hat as I begin work on the sandal bootees.

The weather has changed here in Brisbane:  our Autumn has begun, which means lots of random rain showers, cool weather, humid weather, strong winds, nice breezes and, this year, a cyclone formed off the Sth East of Queensland (which  is unusual) but it did not cross the coast.  I love Autumn. 😌

I hope your week was a good one.

Best wishes,




Gunn, K & MacDonald, R 2011, Cool Knits for kids, Hamlyn London.

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