More baby knits

All baby knitting, all the time.

It has been a few weeks since my last post:  the internet went down, my back went out and Uni started.  I know I’m in trouble when I cannot hold my knitting needles, or concentrate, from the headaches.

But, this week, things are on track and after lots (and lots) of pattern reading, experimenting and yarn shopping (all good fun) I’ve finally settled on what I plan to make for my cousin’s little baby:

  • In cotton: a hat (8 ply/3 weight/DK/ Light Worsted) and mittens and slipper bootees (4 ply/2 weight/Baby/Sport) for size 3-6 months; and
  • In Paton’s 8 ply baby merino: a hat, mittens and socks for size 6-12 months.

All knitted flat and all beginner patterns.  (I will make a list of the patterns for next Tuesday’s post).

I’m going to substitute Velcro for the button on the cotton slipper bootees and leave embellishments off the hats.

Now I get to go shopping for the 4 ply cotton. I know from which the store too: it is small and local and has lots of lovely yarn. Yay!

Hope your last few weeks have been good ones.

Best wishes,

Maree J

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