My first baby hat

Hooray!  I have almost finished my cousin’s baby hat.  I just need to block it, seam it and add a little embellishment.

My first hat!

I’m going to use a garter stitch join for the rim and mattress seam for the stocking stitch body.

This is the first hat I have ever made and the pattern is Claire Montgomerie’s ‘Cotton and wool hats’ which I found in her great book, Easy baby knits.

The yarn is Lincraft Cotton 8 ply ‘Periwinkle’, and I used 4 mm (bamboo) needles.

The pattern comes in three sizes and I made it for size 3-6 months as it is still summer here in Brisbane – it doesn’t really start to cool down until about May and baby won’t be needing a hat until then.

I enjoyed working with 100% cotton (first time).  It has a lovely drape.

The embellishment for the hat has been a learning curve in colour, yarn, shapes and techniques.  I was going to try a flower, but it is such a simple little hat, I might try knitting a bow. Or cherries. Or crochet circles. Still not sure.

But I’m a bit addicted now to little hats:  I have another pattern I’m going to try in an 8ply cotton/wool blend which is knit in the round and will be my first in-the-round project.  And tomorrow there will be a delivery of soft 8 ply merino for a set of mittens, booties and a really cute hat with an i-cord top which will also expand my knitting skill set.

Hope you had a good week!

Best wishes,

Maree J



Montgomerie, C 2010, Easy baby knits, Ryland Peters and Small, London.

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