Beginning knitting: the dreaded long-tail cast-on

‘And you were so scared…’ – Grover

I love knitting for many reasons…one of those reasons being that knitting can be as challenging as I want or need it to be.

Having said that, I’ll own that I sometimes get an idea in my head that a particular technique is going to be way harder than it actually is and I’ll just keep skirting around it (and yes, that does include knitting in the round 🙂).

That is how I’ve felt about:

The long-tail cast-on.

See – just the name puts me in mind of some kind of mysterious, and maybe even dangerous, creature.


I told myself:  knowing cable and knit cast-on really is enough (and I particularly like cable cast-on).

I told myself:  it looks really hard.

I told myself:  I’ll get back to it…I  will, it’s just that there are so many other knitting things I really want to try and…

Etc. etc.


But because I really wanted to cast on for a baby hat I’m knitting my cousin and I was really starting to feel my knitting confidence slipping, I looked up a video tutorial…

And see what I did?

Long-tail cast-on


That glow of pleasure when a new challenge is met and mastered is an addictive feeling. 😌


Wool and the Gang have a great video tutorial for this cast-on technique:

WAG long-tail cast-on tutorial:


Now I can begin my cousin’s baby hat!


Hope your week was a good one.

Best wishes,

Maree J




Stone, J 1971, The monster at the end of this book Western Publishing, Wisconsin.

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