Beginning knitting: things I’ve learned so far

‘What’s this? What’s this?’
– Danny Elfman

A list of my knitting discoveries:


  • What I used to call wool, is actually called yarn.
  • There are more types of yarn than acrylic and wool.
  • Yarn also comes in skeins and hanks and not just balls.
  • There is such a thing as a ball winder.

Knitting equipment

  • Other new tools:  there are circular needles, double pointed needles, gauge tools, stitch markers, stitch holders, cable needles.

Knitting in the round

  • At the moment, I am suspicious of circular needles.
  • I am not quite ready for double pointed needles…I tried, it was funny.

(Therefore, I am leery of any patterns knit in the round, but very excited to find patterns knit flat).

Knitting language

  • Knitting has its own language:  Colloquial, Pattern and Official.  Examples:  Colloquial: WIP = work in progress.  Pattern: Sl 1 k1 passo = slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over.  Official:  Size 4 yarn = medium weight yarn, not 4 ply (oh yes, I learned that by the doing).
  • Which led me to The Craft Yarn Council which has an excellent online, printable reference document for Official knitting language translation:

CYC Lexicon

Time disappears…

  • I can spend a LOT of time browsing and studying yarn and patterns.

Fleece and spinning

  • I want to own alpacas because alpacas are very, very cute. They also spit. They are cute and they spit. I love this.
  • From my very cute, possibly spitting, alpacas I will produce fleece and spin yarn.

Knitting is fun.🐑

(Are you a beginner knitter or do you remember some of the first things you discovered about knitting?)


Thanks for stopping by!

Best wishes,

Maree J



Danny Elfman, 1993 What’s This? The Nightmare before Christmas Musical. Walt Disney Music Company

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